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    ACTION is required for all of our team to do the best.

    About   Us

    Chen Group International Inc. has been recycling since 1987.
    We are experts in recycling, we purchase all types of plastic.
    We currently have countless balers, grinders and drop trailers at many of our suppliers across the country.
    We handle all the logistics involved in the pick up and handling of your scrap.
    We offer immediate payment on all the scrap we purchase.
    We specialize in low end, contaminated and hard to handle materials.
    Please contact us and let us help you solve your recycling needs.
    We pride ourselves on providing customers with high-quality products and personal service.
    Providing good service means taking the time to listen and react.
    We will work with you in every step of the way to make sure you receive the services you need.
    Our retail service and recycling business is client-oriented, and strict confidentiality is one of our priorities.

  • Products

    Bags, film, off-cut parts, regrind and resin pellets

    LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)
    HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
    ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
    POM (Acetel)
    PMMA (Acrylic)
    PC (Polycarbonate)
    PET (Polybutylene Terephthalate)
    PS (Polystyrene)
    HIPS (High Impact PS)

    CHEN GROUP INTERNATIONAL INC. deals almost exclusively in plastic scrap

  • Process

    Plastic waste material, such as LDPE wrap film, piece off-cut and reject parts.

    1st step: We collect recyclable materials from recycled companies, industrial plants and post consumer sources, such as computer screen scrap in bale. We sort the materials into different groups and try to remove screw metal and sticker label.

    2nd step: The shredding or granulating equipment converts the solid plastic waste into more marketable and the size is 2cm-2.5cm.

    3rd step: Using traditional extruding equipment in very innovative ways has helped the company truly “recycle” discarded another material into “like new: repro-compounds that are being used in the place of new resins. The melting point is 221°F 105°C ; Tensile Strength: 4,300 psi ; Hardness: R110

    4th step: We sell the repro-resin to manufactures who produce cookie trays, hangers, jewel cases and automotive part.

  • our   Service

    Our goal is to increase and maintain long term relationships with all of our suppliers customers.
    This enables us to offer highly competitive prices, quality and volume on the buy and sales sides, all while respecting deadlines.

    Customer Service:
    Our Team is dedicated to responding quickly to any questions regarding all matters including sales, shipping and accounting. We thrive on building long term relationships which requires a commitment to communicate in all facets of business.

    Aggressive Pricing:
    Our up to the minute knowledge of the market conditions; assures you, we provide the best market value due to the plastic scrap efficiently shipped to direct end-users overseas.

    We have extensive experience in freight which enables us to move material quickly and cost effectively throughout North America, as well as overseas, when needed.

    Chen Group International Inc. mission is to provide the best and most complete service solutions onsite and offsite to our clients. By utilizing Chen Group resources the client can devote its resources to its core business. We will provide the labor, equipment, logistics and supervision enabling the client to allocate its valuable resources to the activities that contribute the most to the bottom line. The client can focus on the core tasks and functions that make them money. Transfer the scrap material handling and other non-critical activities that take valuable time and energy from your core talents to Chen Group International Inc.

  • Advantage

    •Logistics domestic and export
    •Partial and Mixed Loads, any quantities
    •Flexible Payment Terms or COD (collect on delivery)
    •Established Markets in North America and Asia

    Why Chen Group International?
    •We are uniquely staffed and equipped to handle all of your plastic recycle & transportation needs.
    •Centrally located in Montreal, Quebec with ready access to marine, rail and interstate shipping.
    •The ability to market and process numerous types of plastic materials in many shapes and forms.
    •Can work with your company to tailor a plan to reduce your waste stream and maximize your savings.
    •Equipment installation if necessary.
    •We can drop trailer; and pick-up when trailer is at maximum capacity.

  • Our   goal

    Satisfied customers are the essence of our livelihood and the foundation for our growth. Therefore the efforts of the Company and each employee are continuously directed toward meeting or exceeding each customer’s requirements for product quality, pricing, scheduling, service and personal backup support. Our achievement depends on positively motivated, devoted member of staffs.

    We look forward to serve you in the near future

    Our   Team

    ChenGroup is powered by
    experienced staff members

    • Director: Jeff Chen
    • General Manager: Frank Chen
    • Purchase Manager: Richard Lépine
    • Sales: Queenie Chen
    • Manager Assistant: Sophie Hsu
    • Administrator: Emilie Hsu
    • Logistics: Robert Laplante
    • Production: David Desjardin
    • Webmaster: Juan Mo
  • Contact   Information

    2100 Remembrance Road
    Lachine, Quebec, H8S1X3

    1(514) 661-2345Telephone:
    1(514) 528-7845FAX:


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